Thursday, March 5, 2009

Another Blog

Yes. Another blog. As if the blogosphere really needed one more blog. I am creating this blog in the hopes that I will be able to stay in communication with my friends and family as I prepare for, leave (and come back) and live in Latin America. I will be documenting this process, right here.

So, I can here some of you already : "woah, woah. WTF! Are you out of your mind?" Well... those who know me well enough already know the answer to that question.

A quick calculation will clearly demonstrate that 2009 will mark the 35th year of my existence. Call it and early mid-life crisis, call it an existencial dilema, call it whatever you want, but I need more out of my life. I cannot be satisfied with this humdrum life of working for Corporate America, making rich men even richer in a context, which often, conflicts with my innermost beliefs, values and thoughts.

One day, I will look back upon my life, and my biggest fear is that when that moment comes, I will be filled with regret. When I die, I want to be die in peace, with the knowledge of knowing that my passage on this planet was worth more than a bunch of shares for some grumpy money grubbing old fart.

So, here isthe plan. Its very simple. Go out into the world and do some good for a change.

So my hope is that by the 1rst of January 2009 I will be somewhere else doing something else for the betterment of the world.

So, after polishing my CV and doing a bit of research, I applied with an international developement organization. I have already gone through the first few levels of screening and I will be going to Ottawa in 32 days for one final interview.