Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gay Burkina - Le Burkina Gay

Alors, qu'est-il devenu de la rencontre avec le mec de Ouagadougou?  Bonne question. Et voici la réponse, bon visionnement! En anglais, désolé pour les unilingues :(

So... what happened in Ouaga? Did I find out anything about gay life in Burkina? Good question, and the answer lies within this video. Enjoy!


  1. I know the video is really shacky... i dont know why, when I upload things on Youtube, they are not as shacky on my pc... i think the slower framerate makes it more shacky. :/ sucky pooh pooh.

  2. Que c'est mignon et éducatif! Many gay men call out closeted guys, mainly thinking of the washed-out stereotype that closeted gay men cheat on their wives and lead a surgically-meticulous double life. Well, there's no denying the existence of such species. However, to lump everybody together is unfair. Because, to some, coming out would be sheer suicide, social and, at times, literal. Africa is no different. So, thanks for educating the masses about the dynamics of African Gaydom, even if to people from gay-friendly societies, it comes across as mere deception and lies.